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NTA Blog: Do You Need to Electronically Sign a Tax Form That Cannot Be E-Filed? Make it Digital.

June 30th, 2022|Daily News, Featured|

For the more than 40 forms that cannot be e-filed, the IRS permits paper filing of those forms with an electronic or digital signature through a temporary policy through October 31, 2023. While the IRS makes no distinction between electronic and digital signatures, taxpayers who choose to paper file should carefully consider the differences...

NTA Blog: Some Taxpayers Will Automatically Have Their Accounts Excluded

June 24th, 2022|Daily News, Featured|

Since 2018, TAS has been urging the IRS to stop assigning to private collection agencies (PCAs) the accounts of taxpayers who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). In 2019, Congress passed the Taxpayer First Act (TFA), which required the IRS to exclude these accounts.

NTA Blog: Apply for a rewarding career with Taxpayer Advocate Service.

June 9th, 2022|Daily News, Featured|

After several decades of working in the tax controversy arena, both in the private sector and with the Office of Chief Counsel, I am amazed at how many people have never heard of or availed themselves of the benefits that the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) provides for taxpayers.

JUN 2022: Deducting The Costs Of A Self-managed Portfolio

June 5th, 2022|Featured, Monthly Update|

Do you have significant investment-related expenses, including payment for financial service subscriptions, home office maintenance and clerical support? Under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, these expenses aren’t deductible if they’re considered investment expenses to produce income.

APR 2022: Could You Be Hit With The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty?

April 7th, 2022|Featured, Monthly Update|

Unexpected disasters can happen anywhere, causing damage to your home and personal property. Before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), eligible casualty loss victims could claim a deduction on their tax returns. But restrictions make it tougher to qualify for these deductions.

MAR 2022: Slim Your 2021 Tax Bill By Fattening Your IRA

March 3rd, 2022|Featured, Monthly Update|

Many businesses need to invest in heavy sport utility vehicles (SUVs) to transport equipment and provide timely services. Fortunately, they may be able to claim valuable tax deductions for the purchases. If you’re thinking about buying one (or if your bought one in 2021), brush up on the tax rules.

NTA Blog: An Overloaded IRS Stops Certain Automated Notices

March 2nd, 2022|Daily News|

NTA Blog: An Overloaded IRS Stops Certain Automated Notices, But Taxpayers Still Need to File Federal Tax Returns and Pay Outstanding Taxes

IRS Statement: assistance to taxpayers in the current environment

February 3rd, 2022|Daily News|

In case you missed it, the IRS issued a statement on January 27, 2022 which discusses ‘ongoing efforts during the pandemic’ and outlines how it will be ‘implementing additional ways to help avoid confusion and provide important, meaningful relief’.

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